Clearmode Acne Clinic

Control Acne without Antibiotics, Prescriptions, Lasers or Accutane.

In the Clearmode program, you learn what acne is, what your personal acne triggers are, and the next steps to achieving a healthy, acne-free life.


We provide the most cutting-edge acne treatments available in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area for problematic and acne-prone skin.

On average, only 6 treatments, a simple skin care routine, and our expert guidance will do! We can clear your skin safely in about 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on the stage and type of acne.

Acne Treatments

What to expect & what you’ll learn

The scientific facts on acne

Why acne may be thriving in your skin and how to prevent it

A deep understanding of your type of acne and your personal acne triggers

Personal and supportive guidance from our Acne Specialists

Your skin will continually transform to a clear, radiant complexion

All the ways your diet and lifestyle can be contributing to your acne

How to avoid your triggers and live an acne free life

Daily tools for acne free skin maintenance

A tailored program to your skin

First Time Acne Treatment


Thorough education and assessment of your personal skin’s health, your acne history and potential triggers.




​Celluma blue light LED treatment

125, 60 min

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Acne Treatment


Tailored to your skin condition the day of treatment​.




69, 30 min

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​+   Add blue light LED treatment, 39
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