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Location: Tysons, VA





Founder Highlights


  • 16 years experience as a skincare technician for some of the most successful spa brands in the world.

  • Professionally trained and certified in 35+ skincare lines.

  • 6 Years of experience with business development projects related to skincare marketing, sales, client acquisition, managing skin clinics, and brand development.

  • Launched Glowmode Skin Clinic in Tysons, VA. March 2017.

  • Co-owner and manager at Thibiant Medspa from pre-construction to break-even.

  • Opened Glowmode Skin Clinic in March 2017.

  • Recipient of the Best of Nova Magazine award for skincare services.


Distance Traveled: The greatest challenge I have faced is the life-changing, character-building, defining struggle of managing a chronic illness without proper treatment. For ten years I was repeatedly misdiagnosed and endured debilitating symptoms and crippling pain until I was correctly diagnosed and began receiving appropriate care.  During these years, the ups and downs of various remedies and the lurking hopelessness that I would eventually live without chronic pain were constant. The experience as a whole shaped my desire to truly help people with measurable results and to use every means at my disposal to ensure continuing progress toward an achievable goal.

Differences as Strengths: At my core, I’m a problem solver. I am driven to create strategies and methodologies that help people, and am deeply committed to successful outcomes. The secret to my success thus far is my innate, intense curiosity to understand human behaviors in order to ensure clients are engaged in their tasks. I’ve learned to anticipate an individual’s motivations and stimuli, latent desires, and key triggers, and incorporate these data into treatment programs that nurture that individual’s path to accomplishment. Insight into human behavior is my most powerful tool when envisioning and designing solutions that work.



Location: Oak Hill, VA



Advisor Highlights:

  • Strategy and innovation specialist with over 19 years of brand-building experience

  • Successfully launched her consulting business in 2008

  • Director of Innovation at Johnson & Johnson prior to launching her consulting business

  • Consulted for a range of companies and brands in the beauty and consumer healthcare industries, most notably, Neutrogena, Allergan, Tylenol, Listerine, Privia Health, Walgreen’s Healthcare Clinics and McKinsey.  

  • MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia in 2000 and a B.A. from Dartmouth College in Economics in 1996.

Distance Traveled:  Moving from incremental innovator to market disruptor.  Over the past 19 years, I am most proud of moving my clients toward a more disruptive innovation approach.  With my work on Neutrogena, I drove the external innovation deals that brought light therapy and skin diagnostics to the masses under the Neutrogena brand.  Not only was this revolutionary to consumers, it was transformative to the company’s traditional business model (selling lotions and potions via FDM). I learned first hand that true innovation requires more than new technology to be successful.  It must be bundled in a new business model putting the consumer’s needs and experience first.

Differences as Strengths: My passion is to challenge the status quo to solve important consumer problems.  I believe the best way to help people is to bring solutions directly to them - giving them access where, when and how they want it.  Too often, companies innovate on the product piece only, forgetting that consumers are yearning to get their products and services in a way that seamlessly fits into their lives.  Delivering new consumer experiences to create more consumer value and finding ways to capture that value is what motivates me in my professional life.

Thw who/what/how: Glowmode helps people with skin problems achieve their skin- goals by providing a method that gets them to use their products twice a day.

people look to products to solve their skin problems 
...when in reality 
its the method that's the biggest factor in results

Reframe skincare to 
skin health and provide tools & methods that boost results

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